Our New School Leader

YACS Announces a New Principal

Young Audiences Charter School (YACS) is pleased and proud to announce the appointment of Brandon House as the new School Leader for Young Audiences Charter School, upon the departure of Folwell Dunbar.  

“YACS is grateful to Mr. Dunbar for his pioneering service, which made YACS an in-demand public charter school where children achieve academic excellence through the arts,” said YACS Board President Mary Nass. “We are lucky to have Mr. House to carry on our YACS legacy.  The YACS board was extremely impressed by the dedication, hard work and leadership Mr. House has exhibited as YACS Director of Curriculum and Instruction.”

At YACS, Mr. House has been a critical member of YACS’ school leadership team, making strong strategic decisions, supporting teachers with instruction, and providing professional support.  He helped to create high quality arts-integrated lessons to promote stronger curriculum and instruction.

Mr. House received a B.S. in Elementary Education from Taylor University in 2008 and an M.A. in Educational Administration and Supervision from Ball State University in 2014. Mr. House is a former educator and Behavior Modification Specialist who was awarded the 2010-11 Thomas D. Gregg Elementary Teacher of the Year Award during his time in Indiana.  His students exhibited the highest gains in Math and Language Arts and SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) ISTEP in the school. 

“We are proud that YACS has a consistent high return of students, with a sizable waiting list as we start the academic year. We are eager to move forward, address our academic challenges and take another step in our academic plan of excellence. We know our partnership with Mr. House will make this possible,” said Nass.