Board of Directors

Edna Moore, Chair (emoore@yacharterschool.org)
Erica Seemann, Vice Chair (eseemann@yacharterschool.org) 
Christine Guillory, Secretary (cguillory@yacharterschool.org)
Charles Gaspard, Treasurer (cgaspard@yacharterschool.org)
Jennifer Benjamin (jbenjamin@yacharterschool.org)
Martin Drell (mdrell@yacharterschool.org)
Kelisha Garrett (kgarrett@yacharterschool.org)
Saundra Levy, Immediate Past Chair (slevy@yacharterschool.org)
Ron Loesel (rloesel@yacharterschool.org)
Macon Moore (moore@yacharterschool.org)
Mary Nass (mnass@yacharterschool.org)

Our September 2018 Meeting has been reschuled from Sept 19th to Sept 26th.  

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