Young Audiences Charter School is committed to providing your creative learner with the highest levels of instructional quality and ensuring that the teachers have the resources to do so. Young Audiences focuses on "Academic Excellence with an Artistic Edge." We have various resources and curricula that aid us in the educational success of your child. Below is a brief description of the core subjects taught and the Common Core-aligned curricula used to implement them.


Eureka Math is our primary resources in regards to math instruction. This program promotes real-world connections and rigor and calls for students to explain their reasoning throughout every lesson. Eureka Math builds students' knowledge logically and thoroughly to help them achieve deep understanding. For more information please visit greatminds.org.

English Language Arts

Our K-8 creative learners use an English Language Arts curriculum called Wit and Wisdom. Wit and Wisdom integrates reading, writing, fluency, vocabulary, art, and discussion all through real books in the hands of students, books which are chosen to both engage and challenge those students. Above all, Wit and Wisdom aims to foster a love of learning. Modules are organized by theme, such as "Cinderella Stories" (1st Grade, Module 4), "Extreme Settings" (4th Grade, Module 2) and "Teens as Change Agents" (8th Grade, Module 4). Students complete End-of-Module Tasks to demonstrate their mastery of both Common Core ELA standards as well as mastery of that module's specific content knowledge. Students read a variety of fictional and non-fictional texts and write for a variety of audiences. Wit and Wisdom is a rigorous curriculum which will build strong habits of thinking, reading, and writing throughout a creative learner's career at YACS and beyond.


Discovery Education is a digital and interactive textbook that uses an inquiry-based format. All grade levels, K-5th, have access to hands-on labs, digital explorations, an interactive glossary, as well as data analysis activities. These features encourage students to read, write, and think like scientists. For more information please visit discoveryeducation.com.

Social Studies

We utilize various resources that are directly aligned to the Louisiana Grade Level Expectations into our Social Studies instruction.

We look forward to an extraordinary year of learning with you and your creative learner. If you have any questions in regards to YACS curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact Brandon House, the School Leader, at brandon@yacharterschool.org.