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5th & 6th Grade Fall Dance

Two dances are held during the school year for YACS 5th and 6th graders. Please thoroughly read the following rules and procedures for these dances:

1. YACS Dances are for YACS creative learners only.
. Students MUST present their current YACS Student  ID to enter the dance.
A ticket is valid only for a student submitting the permission form.
Once purchased, dance tickets may not be refunded, transferred or resold.
Students are to remain inside the school during the dance/social until the event ends or a parent or guardian picks them up.
Parents must pick up their students within 15 minutes of the end of a Dance. An adult with transportation must be available by telephone for students attending YACS Dances.
Students not attending YACS Dances may not be on the school grounds during these events.
All school rules apply before, during, and after any Dance.
Students must abide by the School’s Policy on the use of all electronics at dance/socials, including cell phones and personal cameras.
Students are to avoid any unsafe or inappropriate behavior during the Dance Social. Students exhibiting inappropriate behavior may be sent home from the dance and may be prohibited from attending future dances. ƒ A security guard and school administrator are present at all dances to ensure that these guidelines are followed.
Dances are held in the Cafeteria unless otherwise noted.
Students will not be admitted if they do not adhere to the Dress Code outlined below.  
13. Students are not permitted to leave the building once they arrive.

Dress Code
-Clothing and jewelry must be free from obscene, profane, dangerous, and drug/alcohol related messages.
Shorts, skorts, or skirts including slits, must be at mid-length and/or with arms extended, fingertips must touch shorts, skorts, and skirts.
Shirts with bare midriffs, see-through garments, bare backs, halter tops, low-cut tops and tank tops are inappropriate. All shirts must cover the shoulders.
Clothing must be worn in the appropriate manner (ex: pants above the hips, no undergarments exposed).
Jeans may not have holes on the upper thigh or buttocks.
Shirts or blouses must not reveal bras, bra straps, or camisole Dresses or tops with spaghetti straps are not permitted. Straps must be at least 3 fingers in width.
No wallet chains, sharp objects, safety pins, sewing needles, etc.
Students shall not wear clothing or footwear deemed unsafe.
Students shall not wear hats, hoods, or bandanas, except for medical or religious reasons.
Administration will deny entry to any student that is not following the Dress Code guidelines outlined above.  

Signing In/Out
Students are only allowed to enter the dance with a valid ticket and student ID.  YACS Creative Learners must be signed out of the dances by a parent/guardian.  Parents may pick up creative learners at the entrance of the cafeteria at 9:30 p.m.

We appreciate the many parents who would like to help make YACS Dances a success. We do not want to put our chaperones in the uncomfortable position of having to redirect or discipline our students. The role of the chaperone is to be a presence and to watch students, ensuring that their behavior is safe and appropriate. When a chaperone sees behavior that is unsafe or inappropriate, the chaperone will report this to a staff member who will take action to correct the behavior or remove the student from the dance. We thank our chaperones and want to support them so they will have a positive experience! If you would like to be a chaperone for the dance, please contact the front office.

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