Counseling, Culture & Administration


Brandon House, School Leader - brandon@yacharterschool.org
Rickie Nutik, Founder & Acting CEO - rickie@yacharterschool.org
Brad Philipson, High School Principal - brad@yacharterschool.org
Brionne Stewart, Lower School Principal - brionne@yacharterschool.org


Brandy Alexander, Operations Manager - brandy@yacharterschool.org
Richard Bates, Operations Director - richard@ya4la.org
Jahanna Brightman, Dean of Culture and Student Activities Coordinator - jahanna@yacharterschool.org
Melissa Butler, Office Manager at Kate Middleton - melissabutler@yacharterschool.org
Christa Combs, Assistant to the School Leader - christa@yacharterschool.org
Jon Cosper, Director of Extended Learning - jon@ya4la.org
Aleata Dalcour, Office Manager at Harvey Kindergarten - aleata@yacharterschool.org
Michael Dunn, Finance Officer - Mike@financialsolutionsmd.com
Gerald Elwood, Dean of Culture Middle School  - gerald@yacharterschool.org
Jen Gick, Director of Development - jeng@ya4la.org
Kibeau Hamido, School Nurse - kibeau@yacharterschool.org
Dawn Hunter, Academic Dean (Middle School) - dawn@yacharterschool.org
Jenny James, Program & Education Director - jenny@ya4la.org
O'Neal Legendre, Director of Literacy - oneal@yacharterschool.org
Martha Mason, Academic Dean (Lower School) - martha@yacharterschool.org
Jessica McKeown, Communications and Marketing Manager - jmckeown@yacharterschool.org
Valorie Polmer, Integrated Curriculum Specialist - valorie@yacharterschool.org
Roscoe Reddix, Director of Arts Integration - roscoe@yacharterschool.org                                                                 
Carly Coulon Rogers, School Social Worker - carly@yacharterschool.org
Melissa Sacks, K-2 ELA, Curriculum & Coaching - melissas@yacharterschool.org
Damein Sayles, Data Manager - damein@yacharterschool.org
Brian Scheller, Director of Technology - brian@yacharterschool.org                             
Mary M. Speed, Professional School Counselor - marys@yacharterschool.org
Francis Williams, Facilities Manager - francis@yacharterschool.org